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We live in a city created by human hands. It is the seen world. A world where belief is measured by that which is concrete. But it's not real. There is the hidden city that cannot be seen without understanding. It's a metropolis inhabited by angels and devils. It's a dark city. A city of beings designed to pick up after humanity's messes - or create them. This is the story of Archie, an angel and private eye. At one time, Archie was an idealistic heavenly agent. He was an angel of death, the sword of God's judgment, the protection of God's people. However, thousands of years of witnessing man's inhumanity to man left Archie jaded, hard-boiled and tough as nails. He walked away and never looked back. But God, the Boss, has a way of gumming up the works. When the sixth trumpet, the harbinger of Armageddon on Earth, is stolen, the angelic host turns to Archie to get it back before humanity is lost for eternity. The Sixth Trumpet takes place in Archie's world, a world that mirrors the 30's and 40's - where archangels keep the peace, devils make up the syndicate and the rest of the riff raff are just a bunch of mooks trying to help mankind make ends meet. And maybe, if you're lucky, a ray of sunshine can break through the steel and concrete canyons of Angel City, and even a tough guy like Archie can discover there's always hope. Appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Show Details

  • Running Time:2hr
  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Two Roads Theatre, Los Angeles