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Tom, the new school teacher is back. Times are tough, and the economy is depressed. There's a diner where Tom likes to eat, but business is worse than awful, and if things don't improve soon, the bank will foreclose on the diner. It will shut down, Tom's new friends will be out of work, and there will be no more friendly neighborhood place to hang out and chow down. Fortunately, Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Watching Schoolhouse Rock. Equipped with the motivation and knowledge contained in Schoolhouse Rock songs, Tom rallies his pals Cookie, Rebecca, Nina, Julie and Lucky with a scheme to save the diner in time before disaster strikes. Twenty or so bouncy musical numbers are guaranteed to make hands clap and toes tap, among them "Naughty Number Nine," "Them Not-So-Dry Bones," "I Got Six," "Tax Man Max," along with the old favorites "Interjections," "I'm Just a Bill," "Conjunction Junction,"and so much more.

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