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The play “Puzzle,” written by and starring collaborators Barzou Arjmand and Ehsan Karami, follows four characters from four critical periods in Iranian history—the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s—each of whom is a storyteller at “Parkway Square” in Tehran. These characters are related to each other without knowing it—albeit in different times and places. A poet (based on the real-life story of Bijan Targhi), a soldier, a bus driver, and a Gypsy musician, narrate for us important events of Iran’s society during these four decades. The show is full of music, singing and comedy, and romantic and tragic moments, that are narrated on stage in the context of Iranian society.
Borzou Arjmand is an actor who was born in 1975 in Mashhad, Iran. He started his career in television and starred in Bahman Zarin Poor’s “Under the Dark Blue Dome” series in 1995. His most notable activities in acting are Mehran Modiri’s series such as “Barareh Nights,” “Bitter Coffee” and “Man of Many Many Faces.” He has also been nominated for Best Actor for the “Bitter Coffee” series from Image of The World Festival.
Ehsan Karami is an Iranian actor, voice-over artist, and singer. He is best known for his voice-over acting as Azizam Bebakhshid in the “Kolah Ghermezi” series, as Semsar-Bashi in “Khaleh Ghorbagheh.” He is known for “The Accomplice” (2020), “360 Degrees” (2015), “Exclusive” (2015), “Red Jacket” (2022), the Alijenab series, the Heyat Modireh series, Ham Gonah series, and recently the Shabak-e Makhfi Zanan series. 

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Dates: One Night Only: June 10, 2023