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From the depths of Hell arrives a fresh twist on Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit. M.A.N. Power Entertainment breathes new life into the classic play about death through an original production design first conceptualized by the late Brett Gandy. No Exit exposes the corrupt lives and sudden deaths of three marvelously sinful souls, seductively stylized by abandoned dolls of different eras: Cradeau, the philandering pacifist; Inez, the vociferous vixen; and Estelle, the deceiving damsel. With the service of a mysterious Valet, one by one, each is led into a simply set room, awaiting the fury and wrath of Hell. As each character evaluates the way they led their lives on earth, the trio slowly comes to grasp that each is the other's eternal torturer. When triangular relationships develop, they struggle to acquire something from another that cannot - or will not - be surrendered. Thus, all three are doomed to a perpetual stalemate of torture and the ultimate realization that "Hell is just other people."

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