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Lucky Per's Journey is an insightfully delicious fairy tale exploring the search for life's meaning through its main character, Per, an adolescent, who has been raised isolated from people and life in a church tower. He is visited by a fairy who gives him a magical ring with the power to realize all his wishes. What proceeds is his journey of insatiable curiosity which awakens him to the sins of mankind. Through the power of the ring he travels from one experience to the next, deepening his character and exploring the values of mankind. We journey with Per as he becomes a Caliph in an Oriental Kingdom, then a reformer, a philosopher, and as he is enticed by all the weaknesses of mankind. Per, having gained entrance into this fascinating world of ambition, greed, and pleasure, determines to seek happiness through work and to dedicate his life to serious and honest effort. Having arrived at this pinnacle, he discovers true love. The hypocrisy of society, politics, government, and life in general is explored in this devastating and deliberate tale of Lucky Per's Journey which provides a landscape not unlike current life as we know it. This U.S. premiere is presented by The August Strindberg Society of Los Angeles.

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