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Over the years, the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival has acquired an international reputation for presenting over 400 of some of the best and most fascinating work by women in the disciplines of theatre, dance, music, performance poetry, performance art, and storytelling. The women are a diverse group, representing a wide range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. They are superlative artists of diverse voices and will be joining the Los Angeles Festival this year from international locales such as India, the Netherlands and Canada and nationally from such cities as New York, Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis and from the Bay Area. SCHEDULE Friday, March 28, 8 p.m. Theme: "Politically Speaking" Ellen Hagan,America What? I Dream an America. This piece is based on unedited interviews with girls ranging in age from 15-18 who share their ideas of growing up in America. Ellen Hinchcliffe, Dirty the Bones- On Being White and Other Lies. This performance art piece explores what it means to be white in a white supremacist society and explores paths for healing by way of humor, history and the resiliency of the human spirit. Akweta Colbert, In These Moments (Revisited). This dance work explores the influence of one's culture, gender and economic background when working through the creative process. Saturday, March 29, 2 p.m. matinee. Theme: "Identity" Kim Wayans, A Handsome Woman Retreats. A woman reconnects to her spiritual source during her inner journey at a 10-day silence retreat. Erica Lann-Clark, Shopping For God. Comedic storytelling concerning God, family, enemies and the power of language. Nafeesa Monroe, Journey to Becoming a Super Woman. A biracial woman seeks that place between black and white wherein she fits. Ada Luz Pla, Tracing my Lineage- A Story of a Puerto Rican Spitfire. The title of this storytelling piece is self-explanatory. Zid Theatre, Milkwhite- The Ritual of Disguise. From the Netherlands, this dance theatre piece explores the process a woman is going through to find control as she disguises her personal and cultural identity. Saturday, March 29 at 8 p.m. Theme: "En Route" Sufe Bradshaw, Little Girl Blu. Through fast-paced poetry and song, we learn about a little girl's passionate dream and journey as she becomes an actor. Susan Damante, Life...Death...and Entertainment. This autobiographical musical piece is about overcoming adversity, facing fear, cheating death, and gaining character. Ruth Otero, Dancing With My Demons. This comedic theatre piece merges the topics of Puerto Rican identity and fear with a disco theme. Sally Randa, Growing Up...And Liking It. A woman reveals her life as a cosmetics counter clerk and her journey toward wholeness. Rose Weaver, Menopause Mama. Through a variety of characters and songs, this piece depicts the struggles, triumphs, tears and the lighter side of menopause and aging, while also tackling tough subjects with honesty. Sunday, March 30, 2:00 p.m. matinee. Theme: "Shades of Love" Laxmi Chandrasheka, Singarena and the Palace. This narrative theatre piece depicts the folkloric story of a rural belle of India exploited by her father, husband and servant. Juliette Jeffers, Looking 4 a Chocolate This piece chronicles a woman's self-conscious journey into the uncharted world of online dating. Stacey Karpen, Mein Lilly. Based on a true story, this theatre piece looks at the life of a German woman married to a Nazi officer who has a secret love affair with a Jewish woman during World War II. Mattilyn Rochester, A Song For My Father. In this musical memoir, a preacher's daughter comes to terms with her father's death and her own life. mZuri, Songs of Love. mZuri bridges the pieces of this program with songs of love. Sunday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. Theme: "Uncut" The Lindz. WASP. The accomplished spoken word artist contributes socially-conscious, goofy, insightful, sardonic and riotous performance poetry. Atalee Judy. Logotype 03. The Chicago dancer performs a powerful commentary on the objectification of women. Dana Michel, Critical Weight. The African Canadian dancer contributes an explosive piece driven by visceral movement and original music. Mari Weiss, Good Girl. She tells the story of a one-time adventure into the world of S & M and how it was incredibly freeing and healing.

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