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What if you had a secret you've spent your whole life trying to forget, but that reverberates through the generations and holds the key to your identity and that of your children? And what if now you were desperate to remember, before you can no longer remember anything? Eva Kelly has buried her past, and her husband, George is determined to keep it that way. Helen Kelly is a divorced journalist, searching for her identity and looking for answers to questions she's lived with her entire life. Stunned to discover her mother's lifelong secret, Helen becomes obsessed with peeling back the mystery of Leipzig. To do this she must fight her mother's rapidly developing Alzheimer's and her father's insistence on not looking back. Yet Helen presses on with a quest to piece together all the unanswered questions of her childhood and connect with the mother she's never known before it's too late. Liepzig is a story of home and identity, of a mother and a daughter who both learn to face the past, remembering and honoring it, while embracing the future and moving forward.

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