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Evolution of Soul 685 is Raleigh R. Pinskey's original side-splitting One Woman Show about a heavenly resident living on a mediocre, boring white cloud whose been given a choice to move up to a Bigger, Better Sparkly Pink Cloud. "Think of it..." says the Angel of All Possibilities. "78% chocolate... forever, Sting concerts On Demand and getting laid regularly." Laugh with Raleigh as she asks the age old questions "why was I born, why am I living, and why can't I blame you for everything?" Chuckle and giggle with Raleigh's blow-by-blow demands and laments as Soul 685 begins her earthly journey, evoking life altering challenges and really bad hair days. Follow her through hilarious educational forays at In-Utero University where she learns about sex, food and rock and roll. Wind up at the buffet of life, where Soul 685 muses about her escapades on her journey.

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