About This Show

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and seduction at Tramp Stamp Granny’s, where the line between reality and fantasy blurs with each pulse-pounding performance.The audience becomes the detective in a fully immersive experience, tasked with solving the travesty that has befallen Cherry Poppins. What happened to Orchid? Who dun it!? Why’d they do it!? Join us Wednesday nights as the dynamic characters from your favorite game and movie become a part of the staff, family and patrons of Tramp Stamp Granny’s as every performance transforms into a high-stakes game of wits and allure. Let the sultry moves and provocative humor of the burlesque performers sweep you away as you try to solve the mystery. Limited seats available, book now and indulge in a night of burlesque, mystery, and unforgettable thrills.
The show will be performed at 8:00 PM, with Doors and Preshow at 7:00 PM. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at http://bit.ly/CLUElesque $45 + 2 drink minimum

Show Details

Running Time: 2hr 0min (1 intermission)
Dates: First Preview: March 8, 2023 Opening Night: March 8, 2023 Final Performance: March 29, 2023

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