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From the same team who brought you Angry Young Women In Low Rise Jeans With High Class Issues comes the West Coast Premiere of Apartment 6 & 9. A night of two hit one-act NY comedies about love, sex, marriage, infidelity, whiskey and coitus interruptus! In All Aboard the Marriage Hearse, Sean and Amy are your typical co-habitating, Catholic/Jewish, twentysomething couple living in Manhattan. They work hard, love each other and share common goals in life. Well, sort of. After nearly three years together, Amy wants to get married but Sean does not believe in the institution. The game is on!!! Tonight is the night when they will settle the marriage question once and for all. Stay Over is a dark sex comedy of a couple trying to reconcile after infidelity teaches an important lesson: if you're trying to kiss and make up on a snowy night, don't answer the door buzzer. The play spins hilarious comedy out of Mark's game to have his cake and eat it too as he plots to escape with Lilly after his reconciliation with Michelle is completed. Michelle, determined to punish Mark for his dalliance, is equally determined to conceal that she had an affair of her own during their hiatus.

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