About This Show

110 in the Shade is a musical, adapted by N. Richard Nash from his play The Rainmaker. The music is composed by Harvey Schmidt and lyrics are by Tom Hones.

The protagonist is Lizzie, an older unmarried woman living in the American west on a ranch with her family. The plot centers on her search for love and her choice between two suitors: Starbuck, a charismatic con man posing as a rainmaker who can bring rainfall to the drought-stricken area, and another local man, Lizzie’s choice in the end.

The show opened on Broadway in 1963 and includes songs like, “Love, Don’t Turn Away”, “Poker Polka”, “Everything Beautiful Happens at Night”, “The Little Red Hat”, “Is It Really Me?”, and more.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: July 11, 2007 Final Performance: July 28, 2007