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How Dr. Rubius Ne'er-Do-Well Stole Christmas.

Our regular kitchtastic improv battle on Thursdays at 10p gets a dose of Holiday spirit. When not torturing his captured comedians with evil improv games, Dr. Rubius Ne'er-Do-Well must face his Jacob Marley-esque ghostly ex-partner. Will Ne'er-Do-Well repent for his evildoings and embrace the true nature of Christmas? NO! (Well, probably not, but this campy late-night fun will have everyone laughing and reaching for their cups of holiday cheer!)

Improvisers are playthings in the hands of the infamous Dr. Rubius Ne'er-Do-Well. Enjoy an extra helping of fun and games where eight improvisers are put through the "tortures" of comedy's self-proclaimed greatest mad scientist "ever ever ever ever ever." Late night laughs with a dash of camp, this show is the perfect end to your Thursday, or the start to an early weekend!

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  • Running Time:1hr (0 intermissions)
  • Dates:One Night Only:
  • Location:
  • Ticket Office:7735498080