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History has a funny way of morphing as time goes on. Recollections and opinion become fact, but whose version are we really telling? Anne Washburn (Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play) returns to Woolly with Shipwreck: A History Play About 2017, a sinister and sensational new play that rewrites the legend of a frightening New York man made from gold.

A group of well-meaning liberals gather at a farmhouse in upstate New York for a relaxing weekend. A son adopted from Kenya struggles to feel connected to his new family and country. And the 45th US president sends a history-altering dinner invitation. There is plenty of blame to spare as snow piles high, mountains crumble, and the wounds of the 2016 election break open.

Beloved DC favorites, John Hudson Odom, Tom Story, James Whalen, and Alyssa Wilmoth Keegan star in Anne Washburn's US Premiere. Shipwreck is in a coproduction with the Public Theater.

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