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Factory Theater has a three-way with Ménage à Trailer, three one act plays by Laura McKenzie and Mark Sam Rosenthal, directed by Nick Digilio. Featuring live music from The Guzzlerz. A night of three one-act plays rips the siding off of three different trailers to expose the rednecks, refugees and reprobates that dwell within. "Are You There, Jesus? It's Us, Trailer Trash" - previously produced at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York as a winning selection in its annual one-act play festival - examines what happens when you mix an intervention, a hurricane and crystal methamphetamine. Grenada vets Earl and Leon almost come to blows over their differing accounts of that bloody hellfire of a war until a wise old woman and a flying filet-o-fish sandwich teach them the true meaning of friendship. In "Look Homeward, Trailer," a gang of gay friends claims the right to return to its suburban homeland - just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a road trip play, complete with a hi-jacked Hollywood movie trailer, the requisite cross- country police chase, and a circuit party in a Texas truck stop parking lot. "This Trailer's Rockin', Don't Come A Knockin'" features the Caged Birds - a women's prison band that's forced to rehearse in the conjugal visit trailer - rocking for their freedom in the "Battle-of-the-Bands-Full- Release-I'll-be-Home-for-Christmas-Contest". A transsexual corrections officer gets the big snip, and shows a reluctant lady con that each of us is responsible for his/her/its own destiny. Complete with a live band, Greek Chorus, and Britney Spears life-size cardboard cutout, Ménage à Trailer will leave you screaming "Hit Me Trailer, One More Time!" SPECIAL FACTORY BENEFIT GALA PERFORMANCE Saturday November 13th at 8pm

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  • Location:Factory Theater at The Prop Thtr, Chicago