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The National Rifle Association is here to save the day — through song and dance! Praise the lord and NRA-men! Ron Barkley is the head lobbyist for the NRA, and his life is real tough — his daughter is a liberal socialist with a penchant for protests, and for some reason, the entire country is up in arms about gun control. But when Ron prays to God for divine intervention, he receives a magical gun that turns people — into guns. Because after all, if you've got problems, the solution is always more guns! With songs like "Semi-Automatically," "Everybody Do the Lobby!", and "Liberal Love," More Guns! is a satire of the NRA, the "woke" left, and all those boring moderates in between. This is a show for the whole family, and by whole family, we mean adults only (16+).

Book, music, and lyrics by Philip Labes and Michael O'Konis. Directed by Zach Siegel. Assistant director: John DeFour. Musical director: Michael O'Konis. Band: Scott Anthony, Ari Giancaterino, and Ian Wurfl.

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