About This Show

Set at a remote cottage on the coast of Britain after a tsunami wreaks havoc on a nuclear reactor, a married couple’s lives are further disrupted by the mysterious appearance of a long-lost colleague, who confronts them with a stunning moral dilemma: what does the older generation owe to those who are young? The Children is a play that will leave audiences questioning their own role in the world and the impact of their choices on future generations.

The Children is a vital and gripping play, filled with surprises and surprising humor,” said ETC’s artistic director Jonathan Fox. “The central question – what does one generation owe to the next – is brilliantly illuminated by this story. We’re honored to have such a top-notch cast for our production.”

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Dates: First Preview: April 6, 2023 Opening Night: April 8, 2023 Final Performance: April 23, 2023