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Nik Doner, Rachel Jackson, Tracy Leigh, Jason Sharp Set for Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors logo
Annex Theatre is set to present Alexander Harris' Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors, April 20-May 19. Jaime Roberts will direct.

Team of Heroes: Behind Closed Doors is a prequel to Annex's popular show Alecto: Issue #1. The play tells both the story of the Team of Heroes' first encounter with supervillain Chaos Theory and the story of teenaged Melissa, who will grow up to become Madame Mayhem.

The cast will feature returning cast members Jason Sharp (The Cap'n), Nik Doner (Shock Wave), Rachel Jackson (Chaos Theory), and Tracy Leigh (Madame Mayhem) as well as Angela DiMarco, Ryan Higgins, Jana Hutchison, Danielle Daggerty, Sam Hagen, and Ashley Bagwell

The design team will include Michael White Hayes (sound design), Candace Frank (costume design), Regan MacStravic (lighting design), Amy LaZerte (prop design), and Devin Petersen (set design).


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