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Make Your Own Revolution to Include Staged Readings, Live Music, Participatory Sidewalk Drawing logo
Publicity image for Ang Grupong Pendong
(Courtesy of Kularts)
Kularts will present Make Your Own Revolution, a community-based performance event held in remembrance of the resistance to martial law in the Philippines at Bayanihan Community Center (1010 Mission St. in San Francisco), September 21 at 22 at 6pm.

Activities will include staged readings, live music, participatory sidewalk drawing of mandalas, and the installation of a bangka, a boat sculpture inspired by indigenous ritual.

Each day has a different schedule, with first day highlights including a multi-media interpretation of José F. Lacaba's Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage directed by Jason Magabo Perez and folk music by Ang Grupong Pendong.

Play readings of Katrina Tuvera's Jupiter Effect and Lysley Tenorio's Monstress will take place on September 22. That date will also feature a street theater performance of U.P. Peryante's Ilokula II: Ang Ilokanong Dracula, directed by Allan S. Manalo.

The curatorial team for Make Your Own Revolution includes professors Christine Balance and Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns; writer/director Allan Manalo; actor/directors Sean San Jose and Jason Magabo Perez; and musician/producer Jesse Gonzales.

For more information and full programming for Make Your Own Revolution , visit

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