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REVIEW ROUNDUP: Joe DiPietro's The Last Romance, With Marion Ross, Paul Michael, Opens at the Old Globe

Marion Ross in The Last Romance
(© Mark Baltzley)
Tony Award winner Joe DiPietro's The Last Romance has opened at the Old Globe Theatre. Directed by Richard Seer, the production will continue through September 12.

The play is about an 80-year-old widower who gets an unexpected second chance at love. The company features Patricia Conolly, Joshua Jeremiah, Paul Michael, and Marion Ross.

The creative team includes Alexander Dodge (scenic design), Charlotte Devaux (costume design), Chris Rynne (lighting design), and Paul Peterson (sound design).

Two of the area's daily papers and the industry paper Variety have published reviews, which are receiving the play and the performers warmly.

The reviews include:

San Diego Union-Tribune
Fall awakening at heart of touching Last Romance at Old Globe
"The play handles many of the delicate issues surrounding love later in life with gentle humor and the easy charm of its two leads."


"Here Ross gives a graceful, touching performance as the emotionally closed-off Carol, who learns to open up, try new things and take a chance on love.

"Michael gets Ralph's odd charisma and teasing humor just right, and his blunt yet innocuous come-ons are seen as the product of the constantly ticking clock."

The Last Romance
"No great shakes as dramaturgy, the golden years love story casts a bewitching spell in the hands of real life partners Marion Ross ("Happy Days") and Paul Michael, for whom it was written. Remarkably free of cliche, it should enjoy a long life in nonprofit and community venues."


"Biggest surprise is that unlike most scribes who deal with the elderly, DiPietro indulges in no corny byplay about Medicare, piles, grandchildren or death. Instead, we're treated to mature give and take between once-married, twice-shy grownups wondering whether to take one last plunge."

North County Times
Laughs overcome cliches in bittersweet Romance
"...a bittersweet little slip of a story that's enhanced by Michael's innate charm and a bounty of solid laughs. The play's second act doesn't have the magic of the first half, and you're likely to see some of the "surprise twists" coming, but it's an enjoyable evening ---- both as theater and as an opportunity to see these two seasoned actors ---- so clearly in love after 22 years together ---- onstage."


"DiPietro wrote the play as a gift to Ross and Michael, so the roles were tailored to their interests, personalities and acting skills. Michael's deadpan comic delivery and naturalism dovetail perfectly with his no-nonsense character Ralph, while Ross brings her characteristic sparkle and vivaciousness to the role of Carol. Even in their 80s, these two stage vets have their lines and roles down cold."