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Terminator Too, Judgment Play

Thomas Blake's spoof of James Cameron's action film quickly grows tiresome as the audiences quickly gets very messy. logo
Conor Tansey and Christi Waldon
in Terminator Too, Judgment Play
(© Thomas Blake)
Thomas Blake's cleverly titled spoof Terminator Too, Judgment Play, now at Santos Party House, is a send-up of not only the James Cameron film but 1990s culture in general and Arnold Schwarzenegger specifically.

The work opens with a video projection of some of his most memorable lines (along with a slew of random expletives). Accordingly, the nostalgia factor is high and giddy anticipation builds. As Blake's Terminator gets going though, disappointment sets in as new characters including a Latina maid and Mark Zuckerberg are introduced and shape the story.

The Maid (played with over-the-top charm by the shapely Yesenia Ayala) acts as a guide through the plot for the Terminator, who is played by a different audience member each night. At the beginning of the show, the MC (Sam Albertsen) encourages people to come up on stage and audition for the role by reciting a few key lines or flexing muscles.

The gimmick is amusing for a few minutes but quickly becomes tiresome, stalling the momentum of the show. The other problem with this casting method is whoever they choose is completely unfamiliar with the show and ends up seeming (however well-intentioned) like a deer in headlights.

There are occasionally amusing moments, many supplied by Joya Mia Italiano as John Connor, but it's not enough to sustain the show for its two-hour-plus running time, especially when you're wet and sticky. It should be noted that the fake blood splatters and super-soaker sprays are not incidental. They are meant to hit you. The action begins as we're placed in the middle of a cyborg war. Actors move through the audience shooting at each other and us.

As the glycerine mist cleared, I was left with sticky hands and hair (make sure your ponchos are tight) for the rest of the show. Ultimately, the mess isn't a byproduct of the show but the point of it, and if that's your thing, you'll have fun. Otherwise, you might be better off staying home and just watching the movie.

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