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Woman Pushes Husband Off a West End Theater Balcony as "Joke"

The man, who was attending a performance of illusionist Derren Brown, plummeted 15 ft. before saving his own life. logo

(via Derren Brown's Facebook page)
At last Saturday night's West End performance of his show Infamous, illusionist and mind control expert Derren Brown witnessed something shocking. An audience member fell from the theater's steeply raked 45-ft. high balcony after being jokingly shoved by his wife.

That's when this unnamed man performed the most astounding feet of the evening. As Brown reported here and here on Twitter: "He fell and caught the upper circle on the way down and was hanging from it."

According to reports, the falling man managed to grab hold of a lighting rig 15 ft. down and hang there until he was helped back to safety by several people who rushed to help. So far, there have been no reports on whether he plans to audition for the soon-to-be-open role of Broadway's Spider-Man.

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