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What Does the Cow Say? Ask Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick knows more dialects than any other actor…or animal…on Broadway. logo
Sir Patrick Stewart as Vladimir in Waiting for Godot.
(© Joan Marcus)

Sir Patrick Stewart, currently starring in Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land in repertory at Broadway's Cort Theatre, is ready to add an equally high-brow item to the special skills section of his résumé — "Can moo in many dialects."

This surprising bovine talent was unearthed in an interview with NPR for the podcast How to Do Everything, during which a listener from Nebraska asked an age-old question: How would a cow moo in a British accent?

Well, they looked to the right man for the answer. Not only did Stewart offer up a moo with his native inflection, but the knight shared a plethora of moos from various regions of England, even presenting his own rendition of the Nebraska moo (sounds from the little-known cockney cow made a cameo as well).

Take a listen…It truly is a master class.