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Tovah Feldshuh Proves That Aging Is Optional

The Tony-nominated star of ''Yentl'' and ''Golda's Balcony'' brings her new show to 54 Below. logo

"How do we remain ageless in the march of time?" Tovah Feldshuh wonders. The four-time Tony nominee explores that thesis in her new cabaret act, Aging Is Optional, coming to 54 Below from February 19-21.

"One way to remain ageless is to not see time in a linear fashion," Feldshuh continues. "You employ time as a quantum, the way Einstein did when he said we can jump from one point of time to another point of time instantaneously." She takes a pregnant pause. "Actors have been doing this ever since we got an agent. Someone says, 'I need you to be thirty,' well, I'm thirty. I can be Saint Joan, I can be Golda Meir, I can be Othello. I make it work."

The evening's set list will contain tunes from Pippin, in which Feldshuh recently appeared on Broadway as high-flying grandmother Berthe, as well as from Peter Pan and other shows. She'll also be doing "characters from different generations to show that anyone can be any age they want."

"I'll play a little boy, I'll be myself, I'll be my grandmother, I'll be my own mother, who just died at one hundred three years old," she adds.

Ultimately, her show is about maintaining a "positive mental attitude about self-image, self-health, and self-worth. It actually affects the cell structure in your body and can lengthen your days. You don't want to be self-toxic." And to prove that she can "walk the walk, not just talk the talk": She's got a big plan for the day after her show closes, one that includes an airplane ride to Africa and a brand-new pair of hiking boots. "I'm climbing Mount Kilimanjaro," she says proudly.

But first, you have to see her sing. Watch Feldshuh preview her version of "I'm Flying" from Peter Pan below.

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