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Top 12 News Stories of 2012

Evita takes on American politics, Bros head to Broadway, and Glee denies a Kiki creator.

Open letters, Glee drama, "bros"—the most notable thing about the most notable stories on TheaterMania in 2012 is that they're more about the theater community than Broadway "stars." It's a trend in industry interest and story-sharing we hope continues into 2013 and beyond. In case you missed them, here are the stories, features, and news items TheaterMania readers hit up the most this calendar year.

1. Max von Essen's (Evita) political Facebook post goes viral.

Choreographer Brad Landers strikes his 'Kiki' pose.
(© David Gordon)
2. Our first Bro on Broadway gets bromanced by Cyrano.

3. Our second Bro sees Whose Afraid of Virgina Woolf, comes up with new Tony category for "Best Drunk Acting".

4. Glee gets in a dance-off drama after refusing to credit choreographer.

5. Audra + Will 4 Evah!

6. We try not to talk Jake Gyllenhaal with rising star Annie Funke (and we sort of succeed!)

7. We get trapped in an R. Kelly Dream Cast.

Audra McDonald and Will Swenson
(© Julie Skarratt)
8. People seem to like looking at pretty pictures of Anne Hathaway and Uncle Jesse (Alright, alright! John Stamos).

9. Sondheim movie gossip is big. Wait we mean movie gossip about the Sondheim musical Into The Woods. Though, a movie about Sondheim would be amazing. Make one of these happen, Hollywood!

10. People also like looking at pretty pictures of Golden Boy's Tony Shalhoub … or maybe Yvonne Strahovski.

11. A Times Square music mecca shuttered.

12. And, well, this one just baffles us.