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Tony Award winner Frank Wood and prima ballerina Allegra Kent star in The Storyteller, while other family friendly June shows include Captain Marbles and His Acting Squad, Three, The Frog Singer, and Animals of Brazil. logo
Allegra Kent and Frank Wood in The Storyteller
(© Eduardo Patino)
Tony Award winner Frank Wood co-stars with prima ballerina Allegra Kent in the National Dance Institute's The Storyteller (LaGuardia Concert Hall, June 19-21). From dynastic China to contemporary New York, from Ancient Greece to the Black Forest of Germany, 200 National Dance Institute dancers explore storytelling traditions encompassing the globe. Isaiah Sheffer narrates this joyous celebration in dance and music.

Dare to join the amazing Captain Marbles and His Acting Squad (through June 20) as they bravely attempt to cast a production of Romeo & Juliet. The captain's thespian crew includes Ballerina, Witch, Astronaut, Uncle Arnold, and Morey the Eel, and all of them are up for parts in Shakespeare's legendary play, but only if they can prove they're worthy. It's up to the tykes in the audience to make the call! Featuring music by composer Alaric Jans, Captain Marbles is based on characters created by John Stasey and written by David Kovacs and renowned actor William H. Macy.

Three, playing at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park through June 25, is writer Jeff Borkin's attempt to redeem the Big Bad Wolf. In this marionette show designed by puppet man Addis Williams, the wolf is directed by the Three Blind Fairy God Mice to travel into familiar fairy tales and reform his ways. The result, if the big baddie can learn to tame himself, will be to finally transform into the Big Good Wolf.

In the world of frogs, how high you jump is a good indication of how well you'll succeed. And Lester, the hero of The Frog Singer (through June 27) at the Drilling Company, is a terrific jumper. Problem is, Lester's childhood dreams have nothing to do with jumping, and he must decide whether to keep jumping high or to hop to the beat of his own drum instead. Written by Laura Strausfeld, this tale about following your heart is an eye-catching glow-in-the-dark puppet spectacle that will dazzle both kids and grown-ups.

Keeping up with the animal theme, the 4th annual TeatroStageFest presents Animals of Brazil (June 26-27), a theatrical safari made possible through the magic of puppetry. This Brazilian carnival of creatures includes monkeys, exotic birds, pumas, and even armadillos made from handmade and inflatable puppets. In addition to the beautiful visual display, the show will inspire its audience to dance with Latin rhythms like the Samba and the Bossa Nova. Animals of Brazil will be performed at El Museo Del Barrio on June 26, with a second performance at the Queens Zoo on June 27.


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