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Tada! Youth Theater to Present Eric Rockwell and Joanne Bogart's Up to You logo
Tada! Youth Theater will present Eric Rockwell and Joanne Bogart's Up to You, April 27-May 20. Janine Nina Trevens will direct.

Up to You takes place in 1977 during elections for the student council at Hamilton High, and examines several relevant issues including peer acceptance, verbal bullying, and stereotyping. Through the course of the musical, the narrator is bullied because of rumors about his sexuality and because he is not a part of the in crowd.

The cast will feature New York-area child and teen actors, including Alec Cohen (Ridgewood NJ, 17), Alex Getlin (Manhattan, 18), Gabriela Gross (Brooklyn, 16), Annalee Tai (Manhattan, 13), Zoey Schorsch (Manhattan, 12), Meaghan Turner (Manhattan, 18), Ceanna Bryant (Manhattan, 13), Danielle Palmer (Bronx, 13), Nikki Zivkovic (Queens, 13), Romello Rodriguez (Bronx, 15), Brian Ward (Brooklyn, 15), Martin Lewis (Staten Island, 16), Austin Tipograph (Manhattan, 16), Anthony Raddi (Cedar Grove NJ, 13), Brielle Raddi (Cedar Grove NJ, 15), Sammy Grob (Manhattan, 14), Georgia O'Leary (Manhattan, 12), Leann Martin (Irvington NY, 12), Sawyer Snith (Manhattan, 12), Ondine Atwell Hudson (Manhattan, 13), Victoria Cotton (Queens, 14), Nicole Rosengurt (Brooklyn, 13), Kristen Callahan (Manhattan, 13), Diego Arellano (Queens, 14), Thomas Vaethroeder(Brooklyn, 11), Priscilla Estevez (Queens, 11), K.K. Pohly (Manhattan, 8), Jaden Jordan (Brooklyn, 10), Martine Bowman (New Rochelle NY, 13), Olivia Estevez (Queens, 10), Jonah Levinowitz (Brooklyn, 12), and Nathan Love (Brooklyn, 9).

The design team will include Joanna Greer (choreography), Jim Colleran (musical direction), Steve O'Shea (set and lighting design), and Virginia Monte (costume design).


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