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Malcolm Gets in Amour
(Photo: Joan Marcus)
A press representative for the Michel Legrand musical Amour conceded to today that it's possible the show may not do as well as it might have when voting time for this season's Tony Awards comes around, because it is closing this weekend on very short notice. Tony voters are usually invited to see a show in the weeks following its first night; the problem is that Amour's closing was announced only nine days after its opening, with only five days' worth of performances remaining after the announcement.

"I assume that some people won't be able to go who would have [if the show had run longer]," said the rep, "but I know that there has been a rush of voters calling and getting in; they don't go through this office, but that's what I've heard. I also know that the Tony nominating committee [members] all saw the show, because they're on the first night press list."

Amour, which stars Malcolm Gets and Melissa Errico, will close this Sunday, November 3, at The Music Box after 31 previews and 17 regular performances. The press rep noted that, especially given the lack of competition among new musicals this season, the show might well be expected to receive nominations for its music and lyrics and in the Best Musical category. He cited Rags and Side Show among several musicals that shuttered quickly but later received multiple Tony nominations. Of course, all of this may well prove to be academic in terms of actual Tonys for Amour, since Hairspray is expected to dominate the awards and there will also be stiff competition from other shows in categories other than Best Original Score and Best Musical.

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