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The League of American Theatres and Producers has released the results of its demographic survey of Broadway audiences for the 2006-2007 season. Among the significant results was a large increase in internet purchases and the highest proportion of international tourists and audience diversity in recorded history.

The report shows that purchasing tickets on the Internet has grown by 368% since the 1999-2000 season. The survey marks the second year in a row that online purchase was named as the most popular method of ticket buying. Only 11% of theatergoers said they purchased tickets by telephone, while 20% purchased directly at the box office. Additionally, 27% claimed to have purchased their tickets on the day of the performance.

26% of the audience was made up of non-Caucasian theatergoers, representing the highest proportion in recorded history. This marks a 17% increase from the 2005-2006 season and a 56% increase from five years ago. Additionally, the average age of the Broadway theatergoer was 41.2 years old, which is slightly younger than in the past few years. Patrons under 18 accounted for a record 1.42 million tickets, a 23% increase from the previous season.

Among other details contained in the report were: tourists (domestic U.S. and international) accounted for approximately 65% of the 12.3 million tickets that were purchased to Broadway shows in New York City, the largest percentage in the past two decades; international visitors to Broadway shows surpassed pre-September 11 levels, totaling 1.9 million tickets; foreign tourists comprised 16% of attendances, the highest percentage in recent history; and word-of-mouth was the single strongest reported influence in show selection when it came to seeing a musical, cited by 46% of theatergoers while critical reviews and articles were much more influential with playgoers than with musical attendees.

The analysis is based on extensive survey data taken from audience questionnaires that were distributed throughout the 2006-2007 Broadway season in New York City. Printable versions of the reports are available for purchase online at

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