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Amnesia Wars Improvisation will be auditioning actors for an upcoming session of Et Cetera, The Laboratory of Spontaneous Theatre. The Lab is best described as a sort of "improv semi-open mike night". The sessions allow selected, experienced New York improvisers and periodically some touring guests to play with various improv elements, influences of other theatrical styles and technology from other media.

An ideal candidate for Et Cetera will have experience and legitimate training in long-form improvisation, as well as experience and interest in "straight" theatre. Actors with viewpoints/suzuki and/or classical training are particularly encouraged to apply. Minorities are strongly encouraged.

There is no fee or pay for participation in this program and performances are free to the public. To request an appointment to audition, actors should send an email with a Cut and Paste version of their resume (attachments will not be accepted) to [email protected]. Email requests must be received by Friday, January 21. The Lab will run every Wednesday night, (6:30-9:30 workshop, 9:00-? performance) at the Parkside Lounge located at 317 East Houston St., between Houston and Attorney Sts.

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