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Oh, Sandy! A Playlist of Your Favorite Weather-Related Show Tunes

John Travolta sings "Sandy."
Broadway's been dark for almost 24 hours, which means we're mostly stuck at home playing on Twitter and YouTube and wondering if the The Heiress opening night is still happening this Thursday.

Since we were already logged in to Twitter, we asked our loyal followers also going through Broadway withdrawal to send us their favorite weather-related show tunes. You'll find their suggestions (and some of ours) below.

1. "Singin' in the Rain" from Singin' in the Rain
(suggested by @OfficialGigi and @ScalponeSM)
It might be a touch windy to tap dance outdoors, so we'll save it for the masterful Gene Kelly.

2. "Tomorrow" from Annie
(suggested by @WhoiAmDreamerX3)
The ultimate in positivity. We bet everyone is doing like the little orphan, sticking out their chins, grinning, and hoping for sun.

3. "Rain on the Roof" from Follies
(suggested by @DavidSheward2)
We can hear it going "plunk-planka-plink" on our roof, too. Pity that it IS a hurricane. This is an audio clip, sung by the songwriting team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green during the 1985 Follies in Concert.

4. "Till the Clouds Roll By" from Oh, Boy!
(suggested by @DavidSheward2)
Yet another outdoor dance in the rain, seen here in the Jerome Kern biopic of the same name, performed by the incomparable June Allyson and Ray McDonald.

5. "It's Raining Men" from Priscilla Queen of the Desert
(suggested by @kimashton)
We're sure there are a lot of people around who agree with this particular sentiment. You can watch the Broadway cast of Priscilla, joined by songwriter Paul Shaffer and singer Martha Wash, revel in their dream here.

6. "Love and the Weather" from White Christmas
(suggested by @zakiayoung)
Despite being written in 1947, Irving Berlin's lyrics, "Love and the weather, birds of a father, can't be depended upon. One day it's sunny; next day the sunshine has gone," are timeless. Here is audio of the song.

7. "A Fella With An Umbrella" from the film Easter Parade
(suggested by @Laurenwidman)
Bing Crosby. Judy Garland. Unbeatable.

8. "Put on a Happy Face" from Bye Bye Birdie
(suggested by Twitter user J o r d a n)
It's hard not to spread sunshine all over the place when you're the rubber-limbed Dick Van Dyke trying to cheer up Janet Leigh in the film version of the Broadway hit.

9. "Soon It's Gonna Rain" from The Fantasticks
(suggested by TheaterMania Editor-in-Chief Brian Scott Lipton)
We'll certainly not complain if it doesn't rain at all. Especially if the dreamy Joey McIntyre is involved.

10. "Sandy" from the film Grease
(suggested by TheaterMania staff reporter David Gordon)