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Volunteer Cinema Ninjas take charge in curbing bad behavior in London
(Photo via Digital Spy/Anthony Hunt)
Theatergoers fighting the good fight against relentless talkers and texters during shows have a new ally: Ninjas.


The Prince Charles Cinema in London has decided to take on show-ruiners with an in-house army of volunteer ninjas. Clad in full-body jumpsuits, the faceless enforcers of proper audience behavior creep out of the shadows to soundlessly scold loud talkers, cell phone answerers and oblivious texters. The ninjas do not appear to be skilled in any martial art, or even basic athletic endeavors, but they are enthusiastic—the army works for free movies.

One can only speculate whether West End and Broadway houses will adopt the practice, but it would sure take the pressure off Patti LuPone if they did.


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