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Lypsinka: The Passion of the Crawford Cancels Its Run at Spiegeltent logo
John Epperson as Lypsinka
John Epperson and producer Ross Vallejo have agreed to cancel the scheduled run of Lypsinka: The Passion of the Crawford at the Spiegeltent at the South Street Seaport, due to technical difficulties.

According to Richard Kornberg, the publicist for the Spiegltent, Epperson (a.k.a. Lypsinka) and Vallejo realized during rehearsals that the show's technical requirements were incompatible with a festival format, since three shows a night often play the historic 70-year old wood and glass structure. "Because shows at the venue have to be in and out in a certain time, they need to have a minimal amount of lighting cues," says Kornberg. "During a rehearsal for John's show, they realized that his show has over 100 light cues. They couldn't provide that, and that's not what either of them wanted." Kornberg adds that Epperson and the Spiegeltent producers ended on amicable terms: "They decided that they might work sometime in the future, but this was not the right time," he says.

More than 80 acts will appear at the Spiegeltent through October 1, including Duncan Sheik, Reno, Justin Bond, Reverend Billy, The Wau Wau Sisters, and the tent's main attraction, the circus-like Absinthe. To access TheaterMania's feature article on the Spiegeltent, click here.

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