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Love, Loss, and What I Want for Christmas

15 cast members of the hit show Love, Loss, and What I Wore reveal what addition to their wardrobes they want to receive as a holiday gift! logo
Haylie Duff
(© Tristan Fuge)
Since the hit show Love, Loss, and What I Wore first premiered at the Westside Theatre this year, dozens of actresses have shared the stories of women and their obsession with their wardrobes. TheaterMania recently asked 15 of the show's current, past, and future cast members about their own wardrobe wish -- specifically what piece of clothing or accessory they'd like to receive for the holidays. Here's what they told us.

Didi Conn
"Around seven years ago, I found the perfect winter jacket...on sale.... at a boutique in Englewood, New Jersey. It is a black (what else?) ANDREW MARC parka, stylish and lightweight with a thinsulate lining so it is surprisingly very warm. It has a faux black fur collar and it is cinched at the waist with a zipper and snaps up the front. This is definitely my favorite jacket. I have had the zipper replaced twice and only two of the snaps remain and the zippers on the pockets are goners too. And let's just say that the sumptuous faux fur collar is now so flat it looks like the poor pitiful pelt of a dehydrated baboon. It would be my sincere wish to be shocked and astonished to find a new, yet, similar version of my all time favorite parka for my holiday present this year."

Haylie Duff
"I could think of quite a few pairs of shoes that would make me quite happy this holiday season, but I have a Pomeranian that's getting pretty old. So the big accessory for Christmas is actually going to be a set of doggie wheels for him!"

Barbara Feldon
"I would love to receive a black cashmere v-neck cardigan to replace the one I left in a friend's car in Philadelphia. When she sent it back to me it was stolen en route! I've looked everywhere for a replacement with no success. It was the perfect sweater. It went with everything and now half my wardrobe is languishing without it. If no one gives me one for Christmas, I will just have to, to quote Love, Loss, "be grateful for the time I had with the sweater -- and move on"!"

Tovah Feldshuh
"I dream of wearing a gold and diamond Cartier Watch; I love classic sexy things, clothing with a history. I'd rather receive less, but receive 'the real McCoy.'

Judy Gold
"What I really, really want is a pair of women's Frye boots in a size 12. But they don't make them in that size. The story of my life."

Julie Halston
(© Tristan Fuge)
Julie Halston
"Now that I am middle-aged (there's no getting around it anymore), I am constantly on the lookout for things that make women of a certain age look and feel better. The right amount of Botox, a manicure, a great haircut, sexy boots -- they can all do it. But this is what would make me feel fabulous and let me know my husband went out of his way because they are not so easy to find: full length slips. That's right, full length "Maggie the Cat is Alive" slips. I'd prefer a black one with some lace on the bodice, maybe a few inches above the knee but no more. Slips not only help with clothes but they are just that right sexy thing to wear under the robe or just by itself. Paddling around in a slip is so much more glamorous than sweat pants and a tank top. That's what I'm looking for this holiday season -- a black lace full length slip. That's all. Well, ok, something in diamonds would be nice too.

Ann Harada
"There are two answers to this question: The fantasy one is that I would like a new pair of boots -- super comfortable ankle boots in dark brown, with moderate but flattering heels, that will look perfect with all my pants. I have been shopping for these boots my whole life, but for me they don't seem to exist. On the more realistic side I was in Domus the other day and they had these absolutely gorgeous, tissue-weight cashmere scarves in a variety of heavenly colors. But, they cost a lot (at least for my price point), and it's hard to justify spending that much on a scarf.

Melissa Joan Hart
"I would love a simple but good quality t-shirt. I have so many fancy clothes and sweaters but nothing nice and simple to wear under them that is easy on the eyes and comfortable too. That or a new Kate Spade purse... I'm torn!"

Michele Lee
"The blue three-piece pants-suit my mom used to wear... with my mom in it."

Adriane Lenox
Adriane Lenox
I think I would want a pair of thigh high boots. I saw some at a store in The Grove here in LA and tried them on - they were HOT!

Natasha Lyonne
I'd want a really great leather bomber with a black fur collar / hood type thing. That way, I wouldn't have to feel guilty for buying fur, I could just say: "What?! IT was a GIFT!"

Allison Mack
"I would ask for a t-shirt with my nephew's face on it. I can't think of anything I would rather sport!"

Ashley Austin Morris
"In my family we only buy the babies gifts and do a Secret Santa for everyone else. If grandma draws your name then you're getting a stuffed animal she won in bingo. I have not yet found a good way to wear a stuffed animal as a piece of clothing. (Although Bjork really gave it her all, didn't she?) Last year my brother Andrew Morris drew my name and he gave me my running shoes. My brother has bought almost every pair of running shoes I have ever had because we love to run in Central Park together. So, I hope to get running shoes... but only from Andrew."

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
"This holiday season, I would love a great long cashmere winter coat. I've collected great pea coats and fun jackets for winter, but I would love a great classic one that I could have forever."

Loretta Swit
"Any beautiful faux fur...I prefer the cream/white light mixtures. It can be a coat, a jacket, a vest...Just so long as it's faux."

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