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Kate Clinton, Holly Hughes, Michael Lynch, Denis O'Hare, Reno, et al. Set for Dixon Place in Fall 2010 logo
Kate Clinton
Dixon Place, recently named a recipient of a 2010 Innovative Theater Award, has announced programming for its Fall 2010 season.

Highlights will include Fear Mongers, curated & hosted by Clay McLeod Chapman and featuring special guests such as the previously announced Denis O'Hare (September 22-December 21); Michael Lynch in the new musical Living on the Real, featuring music by Steve Kaufman & Jimmy Camichi, with words and lyrics by J. Camichi, M. Lynch, J.Longo, & S. Kaufman, and direction by Mark Finley (October 22-30); Kate Clinton in Lady Ha Ha (October 1-3); and Holly Hughes' Let Them Eat Cake (December 2-18), featuring Maureen Angelos, Megan Carney, Carmelita Tropicana, Lea Robinson, Elizabeth Whitney, Micia Mosely and special guest stars.

Recurring monthly (or near monthly) events will include The HiChristina Shows (September 10-December 9); Shelly Mars' The Bulldyke Chronicles (September 11-December 18); Little Theatre (September 13-December 13); Marti Gould Cummings hosting the Broadway Speaks Out open mic (September 27-December 27); Puppet Blok(September 29-December 15); Money Talks with Citizen Reno (October 11-December 21); The Hey-Ya Brothers Comedy Hour (October 16-December 18); and The Downtown Clown Revue (October 18-December 20).

Events will also include Carousel, hosted and curated by R. Sikoryak (September 15); The Angola Project (September 16); Karen Malpede's Another Life, featuring George Bartenieff, Judith Malina, and Eunice Wong (September 21); I Light Up My Life: The Mark Sam Celebrity Autobiography (September 23); Trav S.D.'s Last Chance Saloon (September 24); Stephanie Dodd & Cindi Dodd's Hollow (September 25); Theater THE (October 7- 30); Kim Katzberg in Penetrating the Space (October 8-16); Vickie Tanner in Running Into Me (October 13); Boxman (October 21); Enfants Terribles - An Evening of Queer Cabaret (October 26); Little Tainted Blood (October 28); I Look Like an Egg, But I Identify as a Cookie (November 1 and 6); Jack Shamblin's Blatant (November 4); Edwin Lee Gibson's Five 'Til (November 4-20); A Quiet Sip of Coffee (November 5); 348 (November 18); Carousel for Kids! (November 20); Crones, Ducks & Babies (November 20); Page to Stage (November 22); Save the Bowery! benefit (November 30); Martin Dockery in Heist (December 1); and Moisty the Snowman Saves Christmas (December 3-11).

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