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Graduate Shuffle: Biggs Back as Braddock, but Silverstone Soon to Split logo

Jason Biggs in The Graduate
(Photo: Joan Marcus)
Jason Biggs, the goggle-eyed boy next door known for his work in two American Pie movies, returns to the role of Benjamin Braddock in Broadway's The Graduate on August 20 after a brief hiatus. As before, Biggs will be playing opposite Kathleen Turner (as Mrs. Robinson) and superstarlet Alicia Silverstone (as Elaine), though Silverstone will be leaving the show after the performance of Sunday, September 1. Turner is scheduled to keep right on seducing the hapless Benjamin through November 17; Biggs' new contract keeps him in the seductee role through November 10.

Biggs was away filming a role in the next Woody Allen flick, reportedly titled Anything Else and also featuring Danny DeVito, Stockard Channing, and Christina Ricci. It's possible that the young actor picked up some insight on The Graduate's theme of intergenerational lust during filming; apparently, the movie's plot has Allen's character romantically linked with Ricci's.

While Biggs was away, The Graduate's Benjamin was played by Josh Radnor of ABC-TV's The Court. Radnor was also in Not Another Teen Movie -- a 2001 satire of the gross-out teen flick trend that was kicked off by American Pie.

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