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Gavin Creel and Robbie Roth's "Noise" to Benefit Broadway Impact logo
Tony Award nominated actor Gavin Creel and songwriter Robbie Roth have released an all-new, original single, "Noise," now available for purchase on iTunes. 100% of the proceeds raised through the sale of the single will go to benefit Broadway Impact, the grass roots organization mobilizing for marriage equality that Creel co-founded with Rory O'Malley and Jenny Kanelos.

In a statement, Creel says, "I've always been a believer in the power of art -- and music in particular -- to inspire change. I hope this song motivates people to take action, fight complacency and stand up for what they believe in."

For more information, including watching a music video of the song that covers the history of the gay rights movement, click here.

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