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From Death to Watermelons: Broadway Vet Val Kilmer Will Hit the Stage Again…as Mark Twain

Citizen Twain, Kilmer's solo show about legendary author Mark Twain, will take to the road this year. logo

Movie star and Broadway veteran Val Kilmer (Top Gun) is taking his solo show, in which he plays crotchety writer Mark Twain, on tour. The show, entitled Citizen Twain, will visit venues in California, Texas, and Arizona from April 6-July 28. And Kilmer really wants you to go. He's been tweeting to promote the show, which seems in-character, since succinct wit-master Mark Twain clearly would have been the king of Twitter.

Citizen Twain, which is also written and directed by Kilmer, is presented in the style of a conversation. It explores the wry humor of the first stand-up comedian, as Kilmer relays Twain's musings on everything from death to watermelons.

"Mark Twain was the first person who talked the way we do. Citizen Twain is a lively exchange with the audience, so my performance is fluid and somewhat free-form," said Kilmer in a statement. "Twain represented Americans in our entirety. He was friends with presidents and with former slaves."

Check out the babe-turned-bard in the videos below.

Val Kilmer on WhoSay

According to IMDB, Kilmer will also be playing Twain in an upcoming film entitled Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy, so if you see Citizen Twain, you can get in on that action early.


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