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Flashback Friday: Welcoming Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, and Shakespeare's Macbeth Back to Broadway

Watch the Sirs recite the infamous “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” speech over three decades apart.

We're killing multiple birds with one stone in this week's Flashback Friday. In honor of the Broadway openings of Macbeth at Lincoln Center Theater (starring Ethan Hawke) and No Man's Land and Waiting for Godot (starring Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart), we give you the Sirs performing some of Shakespeare's most heartbreaking words.

In these video clips, McKellen and Stewart take on the title role in Macbeth over thirty years apart — and perform the famous "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…" soliloquy with the aplomb you'd expect from two of the world's greatest Shakespearian actors.

Which do you prefer: baby Ian McKellen or seasoned (and mustachioed) Patrick Stewart?

Ian McKellen:

Patrick Stewart: