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Flashback Friday: Before Launching the Careers of Fans, Kristin Chenoweth Was Priming Her Own as Miss OCU 1991

Her hobbies included collecting…collections…of things like cows. logo

As we all know, there's no better way to jump-start a Broadway career than to work the national beauty pageant circuit…except maybe being plucked out of a crowd to perform an impromptu duet with a Broadway superstar.

Before Kristin Chenoweth made it big as the Tony Award-winning coloratura we know her as today, she was Miss Oklahoma City University 1991, Kristi Chenoweth — lover of sparkles and collector of cows (skip ahead to 1:47 for that gem) — but even that wasn't enough to win her the tiara.

She was beaten out for the Miss Oklahoma title by Gina Lynne Smith of Oklahoma State University. I wonder if they still talk?