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First Annual PolitiKos Festival Announces Lineup of Participating Playwrights

Political works will be on display at the Kraine Theater.

Playwright Dominique Morisseau will participate in the first annual politiKos festival.

Frigid New York @ Horse Trade in association with Moonlight Theatre Productions will present politiKos 2015, the first annual political theater festival of drama, comedy, satire, songs, and opinions from left, right, and center, that gives voice to both celebrated and emerging playwrights, poets, and performers.

According to press materials, politiKos is "about politics in the broadest sense of the word, hence the 'K' from the Greek: of, for, or relating to citizens."

This year's festival, running from November 5-8 at the Kraine Theater, will feature work by Arthur Kopit, Dominique Morisseau, Brian Dykstra, Michael Bradford, Libby Emmons, Israela Margalit, Colin Greer, Darian Dauchan, Up and Down Theater, and the Living Theater, under directors John Eisner, Margarett Perry, John-Martin Green, and Christina Ruossos.

For tickets and more information, click here.