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Dream Cast: Frozen Is Coming to Broadway, and Here's Who We'd Like to See Star

Emma Stone, Aaron Tveit, and we even cast Sven the Reindeer! logo
Betsy Wolfe as Elsa, Billy Magnussen as Kristoff, Christopher Fitzgerald as Olaf, Bill Irwin as Sven, Emma Stone as Anna, and Aaron Tveit as Hans.

Since the announcement that this winter's Disney animated hit Frozen will make its way to Broadway, we just can't "Let It Go." After all, there isn't much that's more fun than seeing your favorite giant-eyed fictional characters come to life onstage embodied by your favorite performers. Just ask the theatergoers who spent upwards of $2 million on The Lion King last week.

So, naturally, we've spent the better part of the last day trying to agree upon the perfect cast list (yes, we're aware that the movie already featured a slew of amazing Broadway actors we could cast, but where's the fun in that?). After 24 hours of yelling and throwing ice daggers, we think we've come up with an impeccable list.

Emma Stone/Anna of Frozen

Emma Stone as Anna: Aside from their alarmingly similar highlights, Emma Stone has that effortless Anna charm that will make Broadway audiences fall in love — even when she makes the idiotic choice to leave her kingdom in the hands of a suave stranger who looks as shady as Aaron Tveit. Maybe a little Disney magic will make all our dreams come true.

Betsy Wolfe/Elsa of Frozen

Betsy Wolfe as Elsa: She's tall, she's blonde, and if you saw her in The Last Five Years, you know she can belt to the rafters. Elsa isn't really a comic role, but we know Betsy Wolfe, who will next be seen onstage in Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway, will inject her with unstoppable comic timing and provide a big heart to a character who just needs to be loved.

Billy Magnussen/Kristoff of Frozen

Billy Magnussen as Kristoff: Since taking on the role of the titular Spike opposite Sigourney Weaver in the Tony Award-winning Christopher Durang play Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Billy Magnussen has become one of Broadway's most exciting up-and-coming leading men. Incidentally, he's also the most Nordic-looking, making him perfect for the part of good-hearted, ice-selling heartthrob Kristoff. Magnussen also shares Kristoff's love of animals, as evidenced here and here, so we're sure he would feel perfectly comfortable buddying around with a best friend who is also a reindeer.

Aaron Tveit/Hans of Frozen

Aaron Tveit as Hans: Princely good looks and a spot firmly on the line between bad boy and good guy are sort of Aaron Tveit's thing (we're talking Enjolras and Fiyero), making him the perfect choice for the impressively jaw-lined Hans. Anna may fall for Hans incredibly quickly and be strung along for a frightfully long section of the plot, but when it's Tveit's sexy scowl in question, audiences won't bat an eye.

Bill Irwin/Sven of Frozen

Bill Irwin as Sven the reindeer: Who better to play the delightful role of the rambunctious reindeer Sven than one of the world's greatest clowns, Bill Irwin? Given that the charm of the nonspeaking role is all in the facial expressions (and occasional carrot-eating), we know that the rubber-limbed Irwin is the perfect choice for the part. And if they want to give Sven a few lines, we know Irwin will inject them with the same gravitas he brought to his Tony-winning performance in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Christopher Fitzgerald/Olaf of Frozen

Christopher Fitzgerald as Olaf the snowman: Short-of-stature-yet-huge-of-heart characters are this two-time Tony nominee's specialty, making him a perfect choice for Olaf, the warmest snowman ever to grace the silver screen. The Broadway chameleon has already tackled roles as a munchkin (Wicked), and leprechaun (Finian's Rainbow), so a jolly snow creature should be no sweat.