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Cast Set for Peter Flaherty and Jennie MaryTai Liu's Soul Leaves Her Body logo
A scene from Soul Leaves Her Body>/i>
Casting has been announced for Soul Leaves Her Body, a collaborative work by filmmaker and video artist Peter Flaherty and dance theater artist Jennie MaryTai Liu, to be presented at HERE Arts Center, November 5-23, with an opening on November 8.

Inspired by a 13th century Chinese story, this original work of movement, text and video explores the soul-body relationship in today's wired culture. The story follows a young woman who rips her soul from her body to pursue her destiny in the city. Her journey is depicted in a highly choreographed work unfolding live onstage through film, dance theater, video and foley sound.

The cast will include Liu, along with Leslie Cuyjet, Sean Donovan, and Wai Ching Ho.

This production will feature scenic design by Peter Ksander, video design by Austin Switser, lighting design by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew, costume design by Wendy Yang Bailey, sound design by Brandon Wolcott, film sound design by Scott Hirsch, and original music by Luke Fischbeck.

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