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Broadhurst Theatre Booted

The boot at its original home,
the Martin Beck Theatre.
The Broadhurst Theatre, where the revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's fairy tale musical Into the Woods is currently playing, will soon be getting The Boot.

During Into the Woods' original Broadway run, the humongous boot hung from the show's then-home, the Martin Beck Theatre. Designed by sculptor Ann Slavit and a team of architects and engineers, the inflatable sculpture created the illusion that a giant had crashed through the top of the theater, dangling the lower half of one enormous leg off the side of the building--completely apropos for a musical in which a giant is killed and the residents of a village are terrorized by his vengeful wife.

When the production closed, the piece was put in storage. Now it has been dusted off and redesigned, with Slavit and company spending months reworking it so that it will have the right effect at its new home. The unveiling of the refurbished piece will take place at the Broadhurst Theatre on Tuesday morning, June 18.

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