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Bekah Brunstetter, Chisa Hutchinson, and More Contribute to A Grimm Reality logo
Bekah Brunstetter
(© Helen Cris)
Playwrights Bekah Brunstetter, Zack Friedman, Chisa Hutchinson, Cassandra Hume, and Dan Kitrosser have contributed five modernized fairytales for A Grimm Reality, to be presented free-of-charge at the Byrant Park Reading Room on the North Side of Bryant Park, on Saturdays, July 24-August 14 at 6:30pm. Isaac Byrne will direct.

Woven into a single narrative, the program celebrates the diversity, the excitement, and the "magic" of New York City and your favorite Grimm's tales.

The production will feature the Acting Company of THEATRE 4the PEOPLE: Isaac Byrne, Zack Friedman, Paul Fears Evan Greene, Cassandra Hume, Chisa Hutchinson, Elizabeth Kensek, Dan Kitrosser, Zoe May, Kara Ayn Napolitino, Will Newman, and Doug Strassler, with additional cast members to be announced.

Performances are free to the public and intended for adults and children 8 and up.

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