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Avenue Q Couple Rod and Ricky Cannot Attend Same-Sex Wedding in D.C.

But they were important enough to make the invite list. logo
Ricky (left) and Rod on their wedding day: July 24, 2011.
(© Peter James Zielinski)

In an act of extreme fandom, same-sex Mississippi couple Scott Barnes and Gary Holcomb extended a wedding invitation to Avenue Q power couple Rod and Ricky, who were themselves wed over two years ago, on July 24, 2011. Barnes and Holcomb's wedding will take place on September 1 in Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, Rod and Ricky had to decline the invitation (darn those two-show days), but they made sure to send Barnes and Holcomb their best wishes and an invitation of their own: to come to New York City to enjoy an official backstage introduction and a Champagne toast between couples. (Keep in mind…we're still talking about puppets.)

"I really hate to miss their big day," said Rod in a statement, "but the show must go on and Avenue Q can't go on without me! D.C. is my kind of town, too, with all those buttoned-downs on Capitol Hill. I wish the grooms a lifetime of happily wedded bliss."

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