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Venk Potula returns to TMU and reveals what he has in store for readers this semester.

Venk Potula
Hello again! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Venk Potula. I wrote for TheaterMania University (TMU) this past spring, and have once again returned to share the most useful information you will have ever heard. So check back every two weeks for my new blog posts on TMU!

Enjoy some facts about me:

• I might have to get a root canal—which would suck.

• I hate it when people say, "I'm an Actor," but don't dedicate themselves everyday to becoming a better actor by working their craft at 120%. That's not an actor. That's a waiter.

• I just recently did a movie with Nick Cannon called School Dance. It comes out next year—look for it!

• I've just started Stand-Up…even though it's the only type of performing I've ever been absolutely terrified of. Wish me luck.

Last time, I focused my posts on auditioning. They included tips and tactics to increase your chances of getting cast in any type of performance. Sounds interesting right? Go read them. Trust me. You won't regret it.

This time, as my life is taking a left turn onto Film Boulevard, I will zero in on the relationship between film and theater. I will focus on common misunderstandings between the two mediums as it relates to acting, design, production and business. Some articles may be more film heavy, others more theater heavy…but nonetheless, both will include film and theater. If you have any suggestions or questions, comment below and your prayers will be answered.

Stay tuned for more gut-busting, mind blowing articles that might change your entire world…or you could just be bored. Either way, check back in a couple weeks!

P.S. I like to keep my blog posts short and concise. It's just easier for you that way.


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