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Flashback Friday: Holy Cow, This Lion King News Segment Will Make You Feel Old

The original Lion King movie was released in 1994, and this news segment really does feel like it's from another century.

With less than a week to go until the release of Disney's live-action-ish remake of The Lion King, we've already worn out our VHS tapes of the original and are digging into the depths of YouTube for anything to curb our appetite for all things Simba. Which is how we stumbled upon this Entertainment Tonight gem, delving into the makings of the original Lion King and speculating about whether it could possibly live up to the hype. It's all pretty familiar, with a generous helping of nostalgia to boot. Whatever you do, don't miss Broadway's Matthew Broderick having the realization that one day, his offspring will be pleased that "grandpappy" did that lion.