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Cory Monteith Visits Monte Carlo

The Glee star discusses his role in the new Disney film, the Glee Live! concert tour, and rumors surrounding the popular FOX series. logo
Cory Monteith in Monte Carlo
(© Larry Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox)
Cory Monteith is best known to television audiences as the football playing high-school choir singing heartthrob Finn Hudson on Glee. Tall, dark and handsome -- and he can carry a tune -- Monteith was made to play prince charming, so it's no wonder he was cast as one of the romantic leads in Disney's modern-day fairy tale movie, Monte Carlo, now in theaters. TheaterMania about making the movie, the Glee Live! tour, and Finn's fantasy father figure.

THEATERMANIA: You shot this film in Budapest, Paris and Monte Carlo -- was it fun or just a lot of work?
CORY MONTEITH: It was good times every time I went to set. I was only there one out of every five days. The movie's about three girls, so I had a lot of days off. I spent time having fun with them on set and traveling around Europe. It was like a work vacation.

TM: What's your favorite memory from the location shoots?
CM: I didn't know they had a McDonalds in Monte Carlo, and it was the nicest I'd ever seen. How ironic -- and strange -- it was to go a McDonalds there.

TM: The character you play in the film, Owen, seems like he could be Finn's cousin.
CM: There is something of Finn that I liked to bring to Owen so people would relate to this role, but at the same time it was stepping into something more age appropriate. I'm not 17 and in high school as I am on Glee. It was good to play an older role, but something all the people who watch Glee would be interested in.

TM: Owen travels across the world for a girl - would you?
CM: I really hope that someday I can. It would be really cool. I'm still waiting to meet that girl.

Cory Monteith, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Lea Michele
perform Glee Live!
(© David Gordon)
TM: You recently wrapped up your second concert tour with the cast of Glee. How would you describe the Glee Live! experience?
CM: Same songs, same performance art of the TV show, but add pyrotechnics and 15,000 screaming fans and KISS style arena rock antics. It's just larger than life this whole production. It's pretty intense.

TM: Do you like performing live?
CM: It's such an adrenalin rush and you don't get that shooting 15 hours in the same room, doing 14 scenes over five episodes. You don't get the same connection to your audience. It's been a really good experience for all of us to connect to our fans.

TM: Glee's season finale was in New York and very Broadway related. How will next season follow up on that?
CM: I've heard about coming back to New York, and possible spinoffs. But I don't really know what's happening. I'm not privy to that information quite yet.

TM: Speaking of Glee rumors -- is there any truth that Bruce Springsteen will be playing Finn's dad?
CM: I've heard that! I'm still waiting for that to happen. He'd be my dad in a flashback. Bruce Springsteen as my dad. I'd like that.

TM: Do you have any dream songs or artists you'd like to cover on Glee?
MC: Lady Gaga. When we did "Born This Way" it was an accurate representation of what the show is trying to bring to the audience. Being proud of who you are and all that embodies.

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