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As Straw Before the Wind Sets a Hollywood World Premiere

Felix Racelis' new play is set in the aftermath of World War II. logo
Muni Zano, Sarnica Lim, Tita Pambid, and Anita Borcia in rehearsal for As Straw Before the Wind making its world premiere at the Ruby Theatre.
(© Michael Helms)

As Straw Productions presents the world premiere of As Straw Before the Wind, a new play written by Felix Racelis and directed by Lesley Asistio. Performances run from August 13-September 4 with a discounted preview on August 12 at at the Ruby Theatre at the Complex in Hollywood, California.

As Straw Before the Wind tells the story of Nene Santos, a Filipina nurse who survives the trauma of World War II, only to discover that her war is not yet over. She owns and operates a San Gabriel Valley convalescent home, which she intends to leave to her daughter and primary assistant, Pilita, who has her own agenda. Flashbacks of the horrendous experience she and her family endured during WWII haunt her psyche and lead to a revelation of a long-kept family secret.

The cast will feature Tita Pambid (Nene Santos), Muni Zano (Poncing Enrile), Sarnica Lim (Pilita Santos), Anita Borcia (Mildred Novak), Rochelle Lozano (Maria Enrile), Doan Nguyen (Loan Officer, Swing 1), and Gabriel Garcia (Mr. Martinez Jr., Swing 2).

"This is a very personal story for me, having grown up with survivors of World War II," said playwright Felix Racelis. "The majority of the women in my family, including my mother, were nurses, and one of my mother's best friends was one of the nurses stationed on the island of Corregidor during the Battle of Corregidor in 1942. Nene is a composite character of many of these courageous women who survived the ordeal of the war, and who lived their lives with grace and stoicism. All of them are now departed. Their memories and spirit continue to both haunt and inspire me. As a playwright it's important for me to bring these stories to the stage and to a universal audience."

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