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Promotional art for Ganesh Versus the Third Reich
The London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) has announced plans for its 2012 programming.

The season will begin with the UK premiere of Elevator Repair Service's Gatz (June 8-July 15), an eight hour performance of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel at the Noël Coward Theatre. Then, LIFT will present Coney's An Adventure Map (beginning June 12), dreamthinkspeak's The Rest is Silence (June 12-23), Belarus Free Theatre's Minsk 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker (June 12-23), and Look Left Look Right's You Once Said Yes (June 12-July 1).

Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour's absence will be symbolically marked at the performances of his play White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (June 24-July 1). LIFT will also premiere Lebanese film-maker Lucien Bourjeily's 66 Minutes in Damascus (June 19-24) as well as presenting Forced Entertainment's The Coming Storm (June 19-23), Yair Oelbaum and Kai Althoff's There We will be Buried (June 21-24), Hamid Pourazari and Perpenata Theatre Company's Unfinished Dream (June 21-July 1), Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg's Motor Show (June 23-27), Brazilian director Renato Rocha's The Dark Side of Love (June 26-July 8), and Iraqi Theatre Company's Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad (June 27-23).

Toward the end of the festival, LIFT will present Back to Back Theatre's Ganesh Versus the Third Reich (June 28-July 1), CAMPO and Gobsquad's Before Your Very Eyes (June 28-30), Rimini Protokoll's 100% London (June 29-July 1), Artistes Producteurs Associés' Macbeth: Leïla and Ben - A Bloody History (July 4-7), Rio Artists Occupation (July 8), and finally, Where the Heart Is (June 30-July 1), in which the voices of East End women share tales of passion, friendship and belonging.


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